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E97: If Not You Then Who W/ Jesse Harless From E3



Today we bring back our first interviewed guest ever! Jesse Harless comes back on to talk about how his journey has been the past 2 years building his business helping people in addiction and recovery and entrepreneurship. We speak through some of his journey, resilience, value of money verses your dream career, and self care. Jesse just launched his new book “If Not You Then Who” and shares why and how it came to be.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Is it the dream job?

  • Surrounding yourself with mentors

  • Having a coach

  • Putting you intention out into the universe

  • Being tested and tempted not to leave

  • Will money stop you?

  • Do you really want it?

  • It’s going to get hard, will you stay all in?

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway

  • We have no guarantees

  • Self care

  • Resilience

  • Fear


“ I had the biggest sales month of my career, so now the universe was testing me asking if I was serious about leaving my job. I said nothing will stop me, no amount of money, nothing.” - Jesse Harless

“It’s all about who we’re being, not about what we’re doing.” - Jess Harless

“ It took two years for me to see that what I’m doing is probably the right path. Two years of hard work, two years of spending money, two years of finding mentors and getting coached. Don’t stop before the miracle happens.” - Jesse Harless

Jesse Harless’s Links

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Entrepreneurs In Recovery

Jesse Harless’s Recommended Resources

If Not You Then Who

by Jesse Harless

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