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E43: Generating Sales From Your Creative W/ Stephanie of Growth Disrupt

Growth Disrupt


There are a lot of amazing attributes that I’ve seen in creatives meeting new people everyday but one common weakness and fear I’ve seen is being afraid to commit to sales to grow your creative business. One common feeling and thing I hear is “I don’t want to sell out” or “If it’s good art they will come and support it”. While I agree that you shouldn’t make all your decisions as a creative only oriented at popularity and I don’t think you should turn your love into a hate I do always advocate for artists to learn to be forward with creating opportunities for themselves by finding people that like what they do and showing them what you do in some way to meet that need. 

Maybe your going to events and meeting people, talk on facebook groups, calling people that don’t know about what you can do to help them, messaging or emailing out. Everyone introvert and extravert, artist or not has an opportunity to create opportunity by connecting with people that are in need of what they do and showing them the value in how YOU personally solve the issue. Let’s talk with Stephanie from Grow Disrupt in San Antonia, TX about transforming your small creative business into a growth machine that sustains success and income. 

In This Episode We Cover

Starting sales

Sales for creatives

Grind time, How long?

Working while working

Problem solving

Starting change

Not selling out but selling your product/service

Energy v time shortages

Burnout from pushing

Small things that mean a lot


“ Do not screw with your sales reps commission checks, because if you do six years later they will be on a stage talking about you!” - Stephanie Grow Disrupt

“ You may outgrow those guys, your friends. Your interests, your conversations are going to change from what theirs are.” - Stephanie Grow Disrupt

“ I have band practice once a week on Wednesdays. The reason why I got into audio is because of music and I knew if I didn’t keep that in my life then I would lose all reason why I do what I do. When I practice on Wednesday I lose that time and I need the time. To take that time away it needs to be valuable but taking that time renews my energy. “ - Host Dave Swillum

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