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E39: Networking To Build A Community & Releasing Content Today W/ Zach Zyla Audio



You ever hear "It’s not what you know, it’s who you know"? This episode is brought to you by networking! After meeting Zach from a mutual online encounter we brought it offline with some coffee and decided to link up to podcast after a great conversation and match of interests and life. Zach Zyla is a freelance audio engineer working out of Manchester, NH after going to school for audio.

In this episode we talk about how important networking is and how to do it in a meaningful way so it truly makes you and others connect in life rather than just for perks and benefits. We talk about measuring your business after having no boss to tell you how your doing and building relationships. It’s a smaller world than we give it credit for and thats definitely true in music too.

In This Episode We Cover

Content release strategy for artists

Building a community

Answering the audience

Bridging the creative gap

Releasing music in the modern day

Measuring your performance yourself


Relationship building


“ You can’t be a shark in the water, I don’t come up to people and be like we’re gonna be friends and your gonna pay me. We’re gonna connect and if something happens cool, if it doesn’t whatever.” - Zach Zyla

“ I’m not shitting on 9 to 5 if you are advertently happy doing that, go do that every single day. It’s starting to be a big issue in our time because of debt to income ratio in our generation. You spent a lot of time working, if your doing something that you don’t like to do then……sometimes you spend more time doing it more than seeing my wife, friends, or family….there needs to be a real good reason for me to be doing that time away from them.” - Host Dave Swillum

“I never really wanted to connect with a million people, but now I’m at this point in my life where I’ll shake anybodies hand, like lets be friends. Worst case they’re a photographer and we don’t cross paths and never meet up again but best case I need a photographer or a band needs one and we connect and collaborate. You never know, it’s definitely worth while.” - Zach Zyla

“ Buy equipment as an expense, it’s part of you doing that thing instead of getting something waiting to use it.” - Zach Zyla

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