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E30: Social Media Marketing For Small Business & Local Artists

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


The big 3 0! I mean I'll be 28 in a month so I'm not 30 but this is the 30th WUFW Podcast episode ! Sorry I'll table the dad jokes. Today is a solo short episode on social media trends I've been seeing through my own experimentation on the side and day job role as marketing manager for a small business.

Being in multiple NH chambers of commerce and working with local musicians nightly I see a lot of people doing great things with social and a lot that need to get after it quick. Today I talk about some observations I've seen in the industry, any pointers I can provide and what I am personally doing well and not well in social. 

In This Episode We Cover

- Differences in social media

- Importance of video content right now

- Creating content for your business or music page

- The why behind creating different content on different platforms

- Making social content for bands

- Different consumption methods of social 

- Introvert vs. extravert content creation methods

- Balancing creation vs. not getting addicted to it

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