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Episode 11: Pressures Of Being An Artist & Selling Your Craft W/ Cory Malm

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


We all find ourselves feeling the pressure of everyday life, especially while pursuing our current goals and aspirations. The constant pressure of social obligation, outside responsibility, and the distraction of an increasingly connective world can be overwhelming at times. Keeping a good perspective and bringing light to your daily processes is essential for sustained success in whatever you're pursuing.

On this episode, we are joined by Cory Malm. Cory is a full-timer by day; high energy country musician at night. Cory brings an immediately noticeable positivity to the room. With his "have fun doing what you love" driven mindset, he continues to grow his passion and his brand into a new success each day.

Cory has taken an everyday hobby and molded it into a project that continues to surprise even him! It is during these times that we discover that a lot of the sweetness is in the journey and not just in the end product. Despite that love, doubt and self-criticism are ever present. These types of feelings can hinder you, or in some cases, derail you completely if they aren't handled properly. The guys deep dive on social media, drive, creativity, and some possibly made up terms? 

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Picking something up and running with it

  • Dealing with not feeling your work is good

  • What defines an honest critique 

  • Getting yourself out there

  • Ryan gets worked up about stuff

  • Social media is weird

  • The balance of media/technology and everyday life

  • There is always someone who isn't going to like your work

  • "Just do it." So simple, yet so complicated

  • Once the ball starts rolling, things move quickly

  • Have fun!

  • Recognizing that your talents/product is legitimate 

  • Knowing what you want and doing it well

  • Never ask a performer for Freebird

  • Knowing how to talk about your work confidently

  • People won't buy your stuff if they don't need it

  • "What are you telling yourself about your work that is hindering you?"

  • Putting your money where your mouth is when providing your service

  • How opportunities snowball into more opportunities

  • Loving what you do through adverse situations

  • Managing making a living while also being creative

  • Is "cap this out" a real term?


"One of two things are going to happen. One; people are going to like it and it goes somewhere. Two; Nobody likes it and everything stays the same really, maybe with a little negativity. But at least you get to say that you went and did it." -Cory Malm

"If I don't go anywhere tomorrow with this whole thing. I'll still look back when I'm an old man knowing that I did something I need to do." -Cory Malm

"This is a party, why would I turn down the volume?" - Cory Malm

"How many people did you bring in tonight....?" "687" - Cory Malm, Ryan Carrigan

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