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E93: Starting Your Creative Business As A Stay At Home Mom W/ Nicole Gearty Photography



Welcome to the episode! Today is for the stay at home moms out there that have been wanting to start their own creative business but haven’t felt like they could. We interview Nicole Gearty of Nicole Gearty Photography about her transition through multiple part time jobs while being a stay at home mom to business owner living full time off her creative with her little one.

Nicole and I chat on the differences between having business owners and entrepreneurs in the family or none, taking feedback, gear, resetting, and all the things that come in to play as a mother starting a business keeping a space and time for yourself and continuing to be a great parent. Although we talk a lot about the parent aspect we cover a range of topics in the creative living space so there’s something here for everyone.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Losing your income

  • Childcare vs having your child at home

  • Starting a business as a stay at home parent

  • Taking feedback

  • Letting your defenses down

  • Long distance relationships while pursuing your goals

  • Resetting

  • Taking real photos, the moment

  • Business owner parents vs non business owner parents?

  • The hard parts of owning a business vs the fantasy dreams

  • Making time for yourself


“ When you own your own business and you can’t work you don’t have sick time you’re not getting paid for those days. I’ve seen those days and those are hard but I’ve seen enough to know that’s still what I want to do.” - Nicole Gearty

“ Owning your own business and being employed is like the difference between renting an apartment or owning a house. When you are renting an apartment and the heater breaks down you can just call the land lord and they’ll come fix it. When you own your own house and something breaks down you have to fix it but your investing in yourself.” - Nicole Gearty

“ People aren’t just a thing, we are super complicated. People like to put things in certain ways and organize like files, but people are so complex, your not just a thing, your a person.” - Host Dave Swillum

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