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E91: Radio, Poetry, and Just Doing It W/ Rob Azevedo From Granite State of Mind



Today I interview an artist who’s interviewed me as an artist before so it’s an honor to return the conversation. Rob Azevedo founded and hosts the Granite State of Mind radio show highlighting local musicians live every week in New Hampshire. I got to know Rob from going on his show and performing in Concord and Manchester over the years. He recently published his first poetry book after publishing his first book a few years ago so I wanted to talk about it. We talk on having time, when to put the work in, going for it and talking small steps to make it happen. Collaboration and being humble. Thanks for joining us let us know what you think.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Starting with no background

  • Why do we need to be heard or read?

  • Nobody is anybody, but everyones unique

  • Feeling on stage

  • Ego

  • Just do it!

  • You have time

  • Little steps

  • Google it……

  • Near death experience

  • Collaborating with different artists from other backgrounds


“ She would say who do you think you are? And I would say Nobody, and she’d be like your damn right your nobody.” - Rob Azevedo

“ I don’t know about you but if I go any length of time without doing something creative I start feeling like a useless piece of shit.” - Rob Azevedo

“People always want a secret sauce and at the end of the day it’s like your either working your ass off for a long period of time, you are working to meet people, or your straight up taking an action and it played.” - Host Dave Swillum

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Rob’s Poetry Book: Turning On The Wasp

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