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E78: Just In Time Buying Habits For Creatives & Start Ups W/ Dave Swillum



We all want all the gadgets and gear when it comes tor our creative career, business, hobbies, and passion but we shouldn’t always act on those impulses. When you are working to go full time keeping overhead low and mitigating debt and risk is the name of the game. Buying what’s needed to get the job done and give the time and quality needed is important but overbuying is really easy and justifying not acting until you have something is easy to do. Let’s talk about a buying habit that has helped me buy what I need over what I want for growing a business. Just in time buying habits for business and creatives.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Start faster with Debt or take longer with less overhead?

  • Chicken or the egg with gear and equipment

  • Managing risk

  • Deciding on market or gut

  • Lead business model

  • Just in time buying

  • Buy what you need to do the job

  • Get it if you NEED it

  • Excuse of gear stopping you from starting

  • Value of time

  • Where should you save?

  • Not saving on the things you shouldn’t save


“ I would take the deposit and go buy the equipment to do the gig.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ It’s really easy to tell yourself because you don’t have the best mic that you can’t start a podcast, that if you don’t have the best computer in the world you can’t buy an interface and start recording at home. Can you do the thing with something else in the meantime?” - Host Dave Swillum

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