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E72: Tracking Lamb Of God, Lighting In A Bottle Moments, & Chipotle Ordering W/ Kevin Billingslea

Updated: Sep 15, 2020



As an audio engineer I always have to steal time with other engineers to talk on music and production. Today is someone I’ve loved the work of for awhile so it was awesome to chat. Kevin Billingslea records mostly out of the greater Portland, ME area and has backed artists like Lamb Of God, Vanna, Cruel Hand, Vally Heart, and so many others.

We talk on getting what you put into your art, choosing the right things you need not for flash or charm but for purpose and function. Not needing the best place or gear to get going and what leveling up looks like so you aren’t chasing clients to the bottom. Imposter syndrome, amazing hidden Chipotle recipes, and band dad stories. You will find something for all creative entrepreneurs in here to stir your thoughts and strategy in what you love.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Watching others work

  • Band dads are the best

  • Outgrowing your space

  • It’s not the tools it’s the fool

  • Investing in the important things first

  • Not the gear

  • Big career benchmarks

  • Professional relationships

  • Lighting in a bottle moments

  • How to keep energy in art after a long career

  • Managing consistency

  • If you won’t invest what you are doing, no one else will

  • Never race to the bottom

  • Only being you in your work, say no when you should

  • Chipotle


“ Geniuses, when your around them all you can really do is hope to zap every bit of wisdom you can from them.” - Kevin Billingslea

“I’ve seen a lot of bands go into incredible studios and come out with garbage and I’ve seen a lot of bands go into squalor studios and come out with something that’s rippin’.” - Kevin Billingslea

“What do I really need to make this happen? And sometimes it’s just an audio interface and a Mic in a room with ok acoustics.” - Host Dave Swillum

“There’s no plug in that injects feel into a vocal take, it just doesn’t exist.” - Kevin Billingslea

Kevin Billingslea's Website & Links


The Halo Studio

Kevin’s Band Too Late The Hero



Kevin Billingslea's Noted Resources & Artists


Vally Heart

Kevin’s Secret Chipotle Recipe
Get double wrapped because it doesn’t cost anything extra and why not?
Get the white rice, the least healthy shit ever, but, that ship is well on it’s way
Pinto Beans
Steak: To get double meat, wait to tell them about your double meat order until after they’ve done the first scoop. If you tell them beforehand they will compensate their scoops.
Corn salsa is acceptable
Tomato salsa soaks everything else
Sour cream
If you like heat the red stuff is fine
No lettuce because it’s just taking up space
You can do guac if you want but Kevin is allergic to it

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