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E65: Creating An AI Mastering Platform & Tools For The Modern Artist W/ Jay Maas



Every creative has technology waves that go through it at different speeds. We have seen AI and Machine Learning creeping into all the things we do but now it’s here in audio in a real way. In this episode we speak to Jay Maas engineer at Jay Maas recordings behind bands like Defeater, Bane, Transit, Title Fight, State Champs, Foreign Tongues, and on and on. Jay is also co-founder of Maastr an online AI based mastering software.

For those that don’t do music that tune in, no doubt we speak music here but there’s something in this for everyone here. We talk about what it’s like to scale from a one:one business i.e. doing work for output to creating a software or other means that changes how you work through your day and how much impact you can have on others. Thanks for joining us!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Being controversial

  • Eat your own lunch

  • Removing pain

  • AI in every industry

  • Limiting friction to create

  • Tools for artists

  • Blurred lines

  • Accessibility of technology

  • Reverse engineering your actions

  • Human emotion

  • Efficiencies

  • Client, the art, the product, and the relationship


“ People rode horses for a really long time and there’s still a lot of money in riding horses. Anytime you try to get someone to ride a model T they say what do you mean I want to ride my horse.” - Jay Maas

“ It never has a bad day, it’s never tired, it’s like taking the summation of all my best ideas and moments and making them into a concrete platform that you can utilize way, way faster than I could ever master personally and you can do it infinitely.” - Jay Maas

“No one wants anymore barriers between where they’re at and where they want to be, I try to find the most direct path there.” - Jay Maas

Jay’s Links:

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Jay’s View On Life (mind blown!)

Optimistic Nihilism

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