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E55: "They Flew From LA...To Manchester NH" W/ Matt Blanchette of Revelry Studios



How do you start a recording studio from no space into THE space? Sometimes we don’t always have an exact plan but surrounding yourself with people that drive and inspire you and going after what you love will always put you in a position to make great things happen.

Today I wanted to get local again and speak to one of the founders of Revelry Studios in Manchester, NH Matt Blanchette about it’s formation and the industry. We talk about the actual construction and experiences of making a studio space, building a team, building a hub and community, and just how life can move into unexpected spots to form what you love.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Learning as you go

  • You can’t plan everything

  • Drive

  • Surrounded by the right team

  • Vibe over all

  • Open door community

  • Creating a HUB for musicians

  • Creating YOUR space


“ We just dream big, then we just figure it out.” - Matt Blanchette

“ Everyone’s been grinding their asses off for years until it looks like it came out of nowhere. People that have been there watching know it didn’t come out of nowhere.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ They flew from LA…to Manchester… be in a music video……” - Matt Blanchette

“ I’d rather record an amazing drummer on my cell phone than a crappy drummer on all the gear in the world” - Matt Blanchette

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Joe Sambo Single “Focus” (Mixed by Matt, Video by Tyler)

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