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E42: Managing Income From Your Creative. What Does Money Mean? W/ Dave & Ryan

Updated: Feb 3, 2020


As creatives we usually HATE talking money. Unfortunately if you want to do what you love full time you often need to find a way to get an income from it and more importantly manage it in a way you can be educated on the next decisions you need to make.

Today we talk about using tools to see cash flow, the meaning of money, the different stages of income when starting a business and how to balance and keep track of it. Money doesn’t have to be a bad thing but it does have to be understood in order for it to serve you, your creative, and your community.

In This Episode We Cover

When do you claim taxes?

When should you register?

How do you manage money?

Understanding your creative income

Informed decisions

The numbers don’t lie

Hobby V Business?

Starting with any project and getting narrow

Healthy idea of money

Starting business for the right reason


“ When you get busy and do projects that don’t make sense it’s like your trying to juggle and you have one shitty ball” Host Dave Swillum

“ The saddest thing I’ve seen is creating a business you don’t enjoy. It’s likeYou just did all this to get yourself out of the rat race so you could create a business you don’t like which is just a race as another animal, why bother?” Host Dave Swillum

“ Looking at the numbers yeah it sucks but when I do this good things come out of it.” Co-Host Ryan Carrigan

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