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E35: Navigating The New Music Industry W/ Producer Joe Solo



Have you been trying to figure out the music industry?

After finishing my MBA in Music Business from SNHU and Berklee I wanted to share a taste of real world music business from someone that’s been living through the changes and still breathing it in LA.

I met Joe Solo briefly while eating lunch at an Audio Engineer Society Convention in LA a few years back. I spent a summer helping Joe with some vocal editing and learned an incredible perspective from him on how to approach a mix.

Joe has continued to adapt, create new business avenues, and move forward in music business and works to teach young artists and engineers pursuing a career regularly so in this episode we break it up.

What makes a great song?

What works and what doesn’t in the new music industry?

In This Episode We Cover

How does the music industry work?

Experts vs. real life

What NOT to do in the music industry

Everything starts with a good song


How many people can you connect with?

Looking outside your own creative ego

What makes a great song?

How to judge your own creative?

Strategy to collaborating Reputation is EVERYTHING

The “Jerk hole tax”


“ Without a good song your lost, you’ve got nothing.” - Joe Solo

“A good indicator of a good song is watching how the body moves, and not someone you know.” - Joe Solo

“Everyone thinks their baby is adorable but there are ugly babies in the world.” - Host Dave Swillum

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