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E28: Video For Indie Artists W/ Catnip Audio Visual

Updated: Nov 27, 2019



Today the Waking Up From Work Podcast gets to talk with it’s first international guest speaking with José Miziara of Catnip Audio Visual in Brazil! Working with my production company Crawlspace Audio and playing in my older bands and current band Broadwing. I have seen the opportunity and need for video for local Indie artists looking to be serious about their music and continue to pursue their passion. We talk about why video is important for indie artists for marketing and successfully promoting shows and launching new music. Talking the differences and the similarities between running a creative service business in two very different countries and cities.

In This Episode We Cover

Importance of video for music Basic video marketing Differences and similarities in business for creative services in other countries How to make something from nothing It’s not about your gear, it’s about you and your talentAttention, Attention, Attention Using tools to launch your record or promote your showVoice & Video Artists are their own label until they HAVE to have a label, not beforeQuality of videoPerception


Band’s have to handle everything, you need to book the tour, you need to design the merch, you need to distribute your music, you need to be a financial planner and do things in a way your able to sustain. These artists are little business owners with their band. There’s no labels we are all our own label now. The way people consume now is video and it’s voice.” - Host Dave Swillum

“The show is the most important place for people to create fans, it’s where you have the mic in your hand and that’s it. If your video, your posting, your advertisement doesn’t translate that then you may not be able to get people to the show to even know.” - José Miziara of Catnip Audio Visual

“I can’t post some pictures like I’m just going to mix the shit out of your song” - José Miziara

“When your a creator, it’s not just music you just need to create” - Host Dave Swillum

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