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E135: Getting Your Friends/Band Back Together From The Past, Finding Your Own Bravery W/ Enzo & Tebo

@ tebovision


Today on the show coming at you from Montreal we have on Enzo and Tebo from Tebovision. Musicians, podcasters, and a lot more from the north. We talk on coming back together with friends by dropping ego and issues from the past and bringing back a band from 30 years ago. Finding your own voice on all platforms and writing, not allowing age to determine how you are able to interact with technology and social, and raising a child with different abilities. Everything you can think of between being a musician, creative, and content creator.

In This Episode We Cover

  • Being friends over bandmates

  • Getting into social media at any age

  • Making YOUR content on platforms

  • Releasing your creative from 30 years ago

  • Getting back together as a band

  • Find your own bravery

  • Starting from scratch

  • Raising a child with different abilities

  • Benefits of having a child with different mental abilities


“ People striving for that feeling like it’s your first band is impossible to find. If you can find it with your friends great, but if you can’t its one some times you just get lucky.” - Paul Tebo

“ Be able to enjoy or be laid back about whether you are playing covers or originals, when bars are paying you money to play other peoples music it’s instantly gratifying. If that’s your thing awesome but I think it evolves.” - Paul Tebo

“It’s better to rule in hell than to serve in Heaven” - Enzo

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Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode

Gary Vee

The Tibetan Book of The Dead

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