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E146: Creating Habit Driven Goals For Big Results: The How Not The What W/ Dave Swillum



Every year I tend to do another goal episode when the new year hits. I don’t do it for the novelty but because I change my perspective, shift what works better for the year, or face new things that make me think different of what approach works best for me so I always like to share so you can form what works best for you too. As a very goal centric and action orientated person it can be really deflating for me when my goals aren’t achievable, especially when I make them SMART goals and keep timelines for when they should be hitting. Now I am fine with not hitting my goals but this year was different for me. I am about extreme accountability and feel most things are within my control if I fail which gives me a sense of pride even when things don’t work out for me and control on making my situations better. HOWEVER this year there have been supply chain issues, labor shortages, and inflation I had no ability to predict and paired it with the largest project I’ve ever undertaken so most of my plans are difficult for me to predict. This is what has led me to creating action driven or habit driven goals that move the needle verses end targets to achieve in time frames. I’ve found this is more motivating and still make the same if not more progress towards the same goals but with a new outlook.

In This Episode We Cover

  • New way to look at goals

  • Going further than SMART goals

  • How to create realistic goals to keep your momentum

  • Habit driven goals vs. outcome driven

  • Factors outside of our control in play with our personal goals with ultra accountability

  • Action driven goals for moving the needle

  • Written actions

  • Keeping momentum and energy with accurate goals

  • Goal categories to break down the most important things into habits


“Sometimes you’re setting goals you think are achievable but they’re not and every time you try to readjust and you can’t.” - Host Dave Swillum

“Those little things through the bad weeks will make you achieve your F’ing goals. They keep you so you are so god damn consistent on things that are moving towards it that would get lost if you didn’t have those as your goals.” - Host Dave Swillum

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